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 Rules of forum !

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PostSubject: Rules of forum !   Thu 9 Apr - 22:47

Prohibited Subjects :
    - All topics about "warez", crack, piracy etc are prohibited.
    - To give links to download a licenced art work is prohibited.

Typography :
    - Don't write your message in capital letters
    - Better use strong caracters than color to underline importants things of your message.
    - Don't put too much smileys.
    - Don't put more than twice quote in a message.
    - Title of topics starts with a capital letter.

- Ofensing links.

    - Gore links can be censured if they are too hard. Don't forget to say it when it's the case to protect the youngest members or the ones who can be offended.
    - Links directed to pornography site/image are prohibited.

Language :
    A message board is a place for free exchanges but it has to be fixed :

    - Abreviations are accepted if they are not numerous, and only the most commons and not everywhere, thanks. Don't forget to read again your message before.

    posting and use the button preview

Sanctions :
    - Administrators and moderators may modify any message from the members.
    - We also have the right to suppress topics or messages if they don't respect the chart.
    - should a member go on without taking advice, he may be banned.

Banners and signatures :
    --They must not be too big.

    - Banner must not size more than 200x600 pixels. Should it be animated, mind the download rate to avoid people from falling asleep (yes, it happens!).

    - You are free to insert links in your signatures to make advertisement.
    But if your signature does not respect the rules you will be warned by private message, and if you do not modify the mistake, your signature will be supress.

Ads :
This links are pohibited on the forum :
    - Advertisement links only.
    - Pornograpihc sites.
    - Peer to peer sites ( the same for emule/torrent/etc links).

Are accepted :
    - Links to photography (the click goes to a pic and not a site).
    - Links to legal download.
    The same goes for the signature.

[ Capitaine Tomate ]

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Rules of forum !
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