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 Pin-Up Went Down

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PostSubject: Pin-Up Went Down   Pin-Up Went Down I_icon_minitimeSun 10 May - 0:59

A would like introduce to you a french metal band called Pin-Up Went Down Smile

    Pin-Up Went Down Ppic-pinupwentdown


    Less than one year ago, former Wormfood/Carnival In Coal drummer Alexis Damien launched his new project, named Esthete Piggie. The multi-faceted musician soon got in touch with Asphodel (Penumbra, Howdy Effect, ex-Nowonmai, …) who found in Esthete Piggie the absolutely perfect project she'd been waiting for since her Thirteenth birthday.

    The duet met only twice before their album was recorded, Alexis Damien taking care of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, versatile male vocals as well as recording and mixing, while Asphodel was recording, to quote, "some of the most amazing and diverse female vocals ever heard in a Metal band […] and delivered without pitch or overdubs .".

    In December 2007, they changed the name to Pin-Up Went Down. With this, the band's first album "2 Unlimited", they have mixed gothic with death and progressive metal, as well as throwing funk, jazz and other experimentations into the mix, melding together to create an utterly unique and bizarre blend of styles and moods. Helped by three other musicians, a live band is now in place and the band are looking forward to performing .

    A second album will be released in 2009 with Alexis's brother Nicolas.


    2008 - 2 Unlimited

    Pin-Up Went Down Pin-up-Went-Down-2Unlimited

    1. Intrusion
    2. Esthete Piggie
    3. Nearly Dead Bat Make Up
    4. Cadavre Exquis
    5. Pussy Worship
    6. Get Ready To Sweep
    7. Yo-Yo Yes Then No
    8. Only Some Shitty Chemical Stuff
    9. Human Beat Box Deluxe
    10. Feat.Me/Feat.Us
    11. Be My Idol Then My Fall
    12. Serie Z I
    13. Serie Z II



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Some news :

    • And for the sceptics people, Asphodel singing "Intrusion" without music here

    • Pin Up Went Down working on their thirth album, 342 (Three for two) :

    Quote :
    Hi everyone here!

    Many news from Pin-Up Went Down!

    We are working on our second album untitled 342 (read Three For Two) which is gonna be very different from what you heard on 2Unlimited. Less gothic, less electro, more progressive and creepy: we have decided to feed the new tracks with brutal ice cream, madness cookies and fudge flavoured murders. Many characters will haunt the songs! It might be your neighbour!

    Our artistic way is still the same : no limits at all, experimentations, mad voices and situations. Next tracks will be a little bit more brutal, a little bit more surprising and catchy. 342 will also be our "Pavarotti and Friends" . Many guests will appear on it! Friends, people we like, artists whose work is important to us. You'll have the REAL pleasure to welcome :

    Nicolas Damien : co-writer on every track
    Clément Landais : double bass on one track
    Benoit Bugeia (from Setna) : Jazz-rock Keyboard parts on one track
    David Boutarin (From Destinity) : Co-writer on Asphodel's first complete track.
    Romain Greffe : Groovy Keyboard parts on one track.
    Andy Schmidt (from Disillusion) : Singer on Asphodel's first track.

    We're also gonna play for the first time in Lyon (Helle's stage fest) on September 5th! Stay tuned!

    Kisses to everyone of us!

    Asphodel and Alexis

[ Capitaine Tomate ]

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Pin-Up Went Down
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