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 What to say...

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Messages : 1
Date d'inscription : 2009-07-19
Age : 26
Localisation : Croatia

PostSubject: What to say...   Sun 19 Jul - 5:12

Well im new on this forum.
There aren't many of you here but i registered anyway.
There isn't much to say about me besides that im 17 years old and live in Croatia.
What to say about Trail of Tears? Well they are one of my favorite bands,and i have a special reason to treat them like that.
I'm really closeminded when it comes to music.
I only listen to Death/Gothic/Black/Doom/Symphonic/Celtic Folk/Melodic metal,and i can't stand Nu-Metal/Metalcore or anything similar to teen angst music.
Also i'm not a big fan of female vocalists but i like it moderate,meaning i don't like when a girl is fronting the whole band but rather backing up vocals. There are some exceptions like Nightwish,Epica,After Forever,New Tristania (Because the old one wasn't fronted by a female),Sirenia. ect but nothing big enough to be called favorite.
I'm also a gamer,stats can be seen here (Yes i regret playing WoW)
Also had a account but i got into a fight with mods and got banned 7 times for trolling the bring me the horizon shoutbox Laughing.
By the things i said i didn't give the best impression but thats just me,nothing to hide.
Forgot to say my name. It's Hrvoje,but you can call me Xandriel or Anders.

Edit:I'm also a Anime/Manga addict xD,but i hate Naruto or any other mainstream anime Laughing.
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Messages : 60
Date d'inscription : 2009-05-21
Age : 35
Localisation : Aix en provence

PostSubject: Re: What to say...   Sun 19 Jul - 11:36

Welcome here Smile
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Messages : 44
Date d'inscription : 2009-04-11
Age : 30
Localisation : France (Grenoble)

PostSubject: Re: What to say...   Sun 19 Jul - 13:00

Hi and welcome !!!! cheers cheers
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Messages : 175
Date d'inscription : 2009-04-09
Age : 34
Localisation : Lyon, France

PostSubject: Re: What to say...   Sun 19 Jul - 14:50

Welcome and thank you for registering cheers
You don't look so close minded, you listen to many genres ^^ (but epica is bad Razz )
What dou like on amine/manga ?
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Messages : 201
Date d'inscription : 2009-04-12

PostSubject: Re: What to say...   Sun 19 Jul - 20:49

Hey Xandriel! Welcome to this forum, I hope you enjoy it!
You are the first one in the forum from Croatia! I want to travel there in the future, i have seen a lot of beautiful photos from your country!

So, How is the metal escene in Croatia?Is there a lot of gigs there? what about summer festivals?

I think I agree with you on the female fronted thing, I prefer to have diversity in the vocals (Extreme/clean)
but of course some bands are great only with the female singer specially if she is a good singer and a great permormer..(like Cristina Scabbia)
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Messages : 258
Date d'inscription : 2009-04-08
Age : 26
Localisation : Grenoble/Nice, France

PostSubject: Re: What to say...   Mon 20 Jul - 13:32

Welcome here Xandriel Smile

[ Capitaine Tomate ]

Last Fm | Blog | MySpace
Imperia-France | Trail of Tears
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PostSubject: Re: What to say...   

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What to say...
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